Well, that icon is just gorgeous
Top 10 Icon
This is god icon
looks ok
this is not the current icon
Not current icon
I will cry about this forever.
This should win #1
No title :(
this icon looks great
Yikes! What an awful icon
WOW! This has to be the worst icon of all time! Terrible resolution for one thing.
Updated icon as of May 10 2019
Don't like it.... the old one was more clean and just right. Keep it simple
Updated icon
Launch icon
Updated icon
Launch icon
Updated icon
Japanese version
I hope they fix this!
This is not okay
Launch icon
Updated icon
Launch icon
Updated icon
Updated icon
Launch icon
Updated icon
So bad!
What were they thinking
Launch icon
First icon
Second icon
Western version
Japanese version
Yes, it really is that poor quality
Chapter 2!
Fuck off
Launch icon
Second icon
Nothing wrong with the icon on this website, it really is that pixelly.
i Prefer thousands of times the box art
The box art is far more better than this...
Please Change it with the box art !!! I love this game ! <3
I hope to see change this icon in the future with the art of Miriam
Winter 2019 update
Launch icon
Updated icon
Damn. That is gooooood
Why are they still doing this? Horrible.
Hate the small black border around it. Why???
Wow that is so dry ....
These Arcade Archive icons are keeping me away from actually downloading games I am interested in. So lame. :(
Not interested in the game. But that icon looks damn inviting!
Not sure about this one ...
That looks good on its own but pretty bad on the actual menue.
Needs more text and logos
This makes me uncomfortable
Sigh ......
Was looking forward to this game. But this is a dealbreaker.
Generic af. But still kinda great
Top shelf 😂
They could have so much money from me if they would do proper icons
Small Soldiers
A new classic
My favorite icon tbh
Why that small black outline?? 🥵
That actually rocks hard
Yeah thats a really great iconic icon
Fuck off
So they could not center it?
Wow this kinda rocks
God has left
Baffling that they are still doing it like this
The red stuff in the background looks cheap af. I expected more since the whole game is so heavy on graphic design.
The asian ones (vol.1 & 2) are way better. Any chance we can add them here?
The Switch is not a mobile phone 😰
This us amazing. Capcom has some of the worst and some of the best icons.
Best one so far imho. And pretty fun game. Dope soundtrack.
Bought this for the icon. Did not regret.
Fuck off
Should be comic sans to make it perfect
Please change it
Fuuuuuucking hell. Just checked here because its on sale right now. Haha. Not even if they give me money. Jesus.
Wow. Imagine actually creating a videogame and then getting your cousin to design the icon.
Awesome. But on the actual homescreen it looks to dark compared to others. It gets lost and looks kinda muddy.
They updated it and added the title.
Oh too bad. Was hoping the western version would not have the black transition.
Really good.
They where so close to greatness
I honestly think that all the Sega Ages icons are great. I love what M2 does with the ports.
Thats pretty nice. That arrogant looking eagle cracks me up
I Love It
The endgame
A cover art awesome, and then this ugly icon...bad choice
I actually love this. Sega Ages are 👌
Woooow what a shitshow!!!!!
The Sega Ages line of ports all have great icons, the ACA ports could really learn a thing or two from then.
Thanks for the heads up!
Updated, now with title
Someone is thirsty AF to get this in the top 6 in the 2 hrs last looked at the site
Artwork is awesome. Font lame and cheap
Kudos to them. Mobile game first but still a new Switch icon. 👍
Thats cute! I hope Way Forward is aware that RCG has one of the most liked icons.
The eshop has such amazing artwork for this game. I dont get it.
That name though ....
Lol. Very specific.
Not enough characters for my taste
These ratings are unfair. That is clearly a conscious design decision and not just some amateurish put together crap.
These ratings are unfair. That is clearly a conscious design decision and not just some amateurish put together crap.
Maybe my favorite game in the Switch. But the icon does not capture it very good I think.
I hate this. Its too far up and looks crazy lazy and unfinished because of it. So annoying that they dont care!
Best one of all time?
This is what peak performance looks like
Makes you wanna sell your Switch
This looks awesome. Would totally blind buy it!
Awwww man. That just doesn't look good. A shame because the collection is awesome.
Shit...... was looking forward to this. Hard pass now. :(
#1 worst of 2020 so far is a bit harsh. But just a big big letdown.
Oh cute!
Fingers crossed the western version will look different.
why is this scored so low? i dont get it
fat spartan
i got a great idea for a game about raceing a kid. lets put the picture on the icon with clipart superhero
a good i can tell what this is by looking at it(whispers) i dont know what this is..
absolutely beautiful
Uhhhh feels so gut if they actually listen. And that one is GREAT
Game looks dope. Artwork is also fine. Font is a horrible dealbreaker.
Yeah ...
Updated icon
Launch icon
This one got updated
Change this Art please, is very UGLY ! CD Projekt Please do something, the artworks of the game are amazing
Very Nice!
Very nice Artwork !
...no comment... this is very bad!
App Style...what a shame....
I would really like to get this game. But with that icon it just sucks.
FFS just make the icon similar to Enter the Gungeon
Fix the icon ffs
Boy ...
Devolver losing credit here
no buy until they fix this shit
Way better. Even great.
Oh that is a bit of a letdown tbh.
Lovely icon.
Superb icon
It's better than Octopath Traveller.
It's a great icon but would look better without the characters stood there.
That's so bland.
Good job!
Since the controls are so laggy I just deleted it anyway after the first playthrough.
not sure I like the yellow
Wtf is this monstrosity
There's a great icon on the Nintendo website ffs just use that
Lovely ickn
Great icon
This is some 2001 space odyssey next level of consciousness stuff
I would buy Sonic Mania on the Switch if only SEGA fixed this icon
If only hey fixed this icon, I'd buy the game.
Oh. This might be the first Sega Ages title where I don’t like the icon
I think this picture is my new religion
Stranger Things Pinball
Still no fix?
Double outline glow 😂
I like it
It would have been better if they went with Midgar in the background
The icon on the website could have complimented Enter The Gungeon so well but they just had to go with this
Love it
I wish this icon would be changed to what’s on the Nintendo website
What is that copyright text lmao
fix the icon and I buy the game
they got the year wrong ffs
Masters of aesthetics
Raze hell!
God is dead
Imagine submitting this
I love the classic design but it's too basic for the Switch home screen
Final icon
Lovely icon
Lovely icon
This icon needs some work
great use of colour
I think I could pull a better looking icon out of my ass tbh
not bad, probably will pick this up.
Not much to complain there
shit icon, no buy
Initial icon
Updated icon
Launch icon
If they change the icon to what's on the website I buy the game, it's that simple
Holy fucking shit yes
Is this coming to the west finally?
Updated icon
That's a lovely icon.
Any word on the Burnout icon?
Thanks devs! Seriously.
Looks like bitter chocolate
This is crazy. Looks like a broken jpg.
This is insulting
Umm. That looks like a shitty filter
Bill Burr
what a shame
they always take care of their icons, good
oh my god
this is real ? ... no comment
the funny thing is that Ringo Ishikawa do the same horrible icon before the update, and is inspired by this game
Awesome icon ! good job
Nice, they show respect for this epic saga of my childhood !
not bad
no, this is not good
Love it
That’s the face I made seeing this icon
Guard Duty. Is that game about you Robin? Btw: thanks so incredibly much for this site.
great icon
fantastic icon
very meh
messy icon, no buy
50$ and they put in a broken icon with the photoshop layer visible. Wow EA
Ouch. Shame.
Yeah. Too much and no focus.
Would be a 10/10 if they fix the border error. You can even see the lines from the graphic tool in the border in docked
One should think with a 50$ pricepoint the would at least have enough respect to check the icon
This makes me angry. EA just hates the Switch.
They have so dope artwork and logos available. And they choose a green transition with a cheap ass font. Shoot me.
Well not my cup of tea but a good icon for what it is. Right?
I love Kairosoft games. But they need to change their icons before I double dip.
Cute game. Icon is fine though I wish it would be the Shop artwork with the logo instead of just logo on generic backg
Might be one of 2020s best so far
Well better then the first one. But everything is
I mean it’s obvious they fix it at some point. But it just hurts how little they care.
Probably just a placeholder for now.
Oh boy
the white line, jesus christ
10/10 once they fixed it
Please fix
Noooo!!! I almost blind bought it
Launch icon
Updated icon
i hate this game it is stupid 0/10
These are great
Hmmmm. Cover artwork is better
Is it fixed???
Is this still coming out?
Just bought this. Icon looks more like EShop.
Launch icon
Updated icon
Update icon
Old icon
Kudos for that
Kind of a letdown tbh
Well it is guilty of the missing title sin. But still cool.
My cubes are so hard
They fixed it
No fix so far. Wonder if EA is even aware.
For fuck sake they better update this
Very disappointing icon.
Woah nice
fix this icon and I buy all of the resin games on switch at full price
Not Nintendos best
Looks like a 5$ game
Haha cute
just about passes
This sucks, please update
Not a fan; cool icon, though.
I love this a lot
Game looks dope. Icon looks bland and generic.
Hahaha wtf is this
Ah crap. I get the idea but it just doesn’t work at all.
Hard to hate
Another anime face.
That is actually really cool
Playing the game rn. Super cool
Oooof this needs to be updated
There is another icon that says Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath on it
Good game
If my memory is correct, the PS4 version has the same trash icon too
Almost centered
Daaamn giiiirl
Can somebody please write EA??? Was so pumped for this........
Fuck this
Rise of Skywalker much?
The legendary classic icon. This and Snake Pass is why we are all here on this site.
Uhhhhhhhh. Just wanted to get this. Thanls fo
Current icon again
Better then the full game icon
What a horrible font
Logo is too small. Looks weird. Still looking forward to this game.
New trailer just launched. Hope there will be a fix
I hope this helps: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Burnout-Games/Switch-Icon-for-Paradise-has-a-huge-graphical-error/m-p/92025
Fingers crossed for day 1 patch
Thanks devs!
Better. But still looking like a clipart.
fuckin lol
That one got updated to just the logo
I hate these. Especially because a lot of the titles are super interesting.
@anon: not really though. Think about it for 20 seconds.
The middlefinger
i hope this will not be the official icon
Disappointing...right Zach?
a shitty icon...
The japanese version is the logo on white
If your Switch is turned to english or other non japanese language, the japanese subtitle on the icon dissapears
Which os sad because it looks better with the subtitle
Once seen, hard to unsee.
ONE OF US http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/06/random_burnouts_switch_home_menu_icon_needs_to_drop_the_border
And here https://gonintendo.com/stories/363501-some-switch-owners-are-a-tad-miffed-with-the-icon-for-burnout-par#comment
We just got mainstream
I bet 90% of these comments are from the same person hehehe
Guilty. No regrets though.
Yeah has "remastered" written all over it
What do you guys think of this one?
Looks a bit washed out but I take it!
Hmm what am I looking at?
aside from the border, it looks awesome! something about borders in these icons don’t sit well with me
Yes. My thoughts exactly
Big update for the game dropping today (06.25.2020). Curious if that includes the icon.
Love this game. Pure grind.
I loves this game on mobile. But for Switch they really have to get their shit together.
In EU it looks totally different
Haha. They took no prisoners there
Weird that they left the "Episode I" part out.
yeah, talk about this trash icon ffs
Haha. Perfect
Is he going to murder his brother with the A brick?
I think its good and looks professional. Not a fan of the pure black shadows in the corners though.
The guy who made the game just announced that an updated icon is live!
Lol. Epic
I hate this so much. Who thought flaming royal stuff would fit?
Oh boy. This is on sale rn. But damn that rough ...
Game looks fun. But icon looks like a grey void.
Nice. Took only 3 years. ;)
Thats so weird. Looks fine here but totally blurry on my Switch.
Updated icon
Launch icon
Pretty cool. And interesting choice with the title placing.
Launch icon
Updated icon
He actually did it! Kudos!!!!
I just bought the physical version and the icon and installed the most recent update but the icon did not change.
Please update this
Oh fuck off.
Yeah that green on the bottom
And even a white line on the left. Grand Slam Homerun
"if you know what I mean"
Too bad. Game looks good.
It is great that we got not ignores though. Fingers crossed for the physical one as well from me!
Any news on a fix? I cant join Resetera because it does not accept my countrys e-mail address.
Could you also add the second one to this page? Might be only available in EU. Dont now. Not expecting much though.
"I don’t know what I was expecting" -Arrested Development
Wow. In a way this is kinda awesome.
Oh wait nevermind. Small black border detected.
Awesome. Cozy af.
This looks good and professional and if it’s a clear decision by the devs, so be it. But the behavior from the...
...publisher of the game does not look good and professional.
It’s goatse
Looks like trash
It’s perfect
This is so nice. Dope
Hello Mike Rose
Oh fuck off.
Last comment: Uhh what?
waiting for mario kart 9 ..
*chefs kiss*
much better
oh thank god
I wonder why people release their private coding practice projects on the Switch regularly.
Much much better
Must be changed this I garbage
Smash ultimate
So good