Please tell me this is a launch icon only
Thank you for the new icon!
This icon was updated with a newer version. Same car with different wheels, headlights on, and darker blue sky with no trees. Looks much better.
This game had a major update and is now called AeternoBlade II: Director's Rewind. Icon is new as well with a large face of Freyja in front of a moon with blue and purple background. Looks really nice.
The original AeternoBlade II still exists but only as a demo. If you purchase the full game, you get the director's rewind edition.
This game has a new icon but I wasn't able to find it online. It looks similar but has a couple of larger ships in front of the space station instead of the smaller ones.
Yes thank you for the new icon update!
The switch version has a different icon with a big robot on it
This game has a new icon to match the box art of physical version. All pins are standing up with an icon of each game type on the pins. Logo is the same.
Original got pulled from eshop in January, so this is probably a stripped down (no pun) version without the risky parts of the original.
Finally here late October! Nice icon
Unfortunately this game has a new icon after the last update. It's only the main character holding a sword and shield with no title text.
Just in time for Valentine's Day
yikes they forgot the graphics
Don't like the colors and logo of this one
did this ever get changed to a real icon?
bad title text
Anyone notice after the last major update all the background sounds are broken?
Was about to buy for $5 but not with this icon
Unfortunately this game has a new icon after the last update. It's basically the same graphics but with no title text :(
Pic link broken
Is there an icon for figment 2?
Any better quality icon yet? :)
Yes! Love it
What the heck happened?
Is this the 2023 edition icon?
Background sounds now fixed with a new patch!
Nice icon
Bad title text!
My icon looks a bit different. Same text but the background has a very dark bluish circle behind it with some swirly designs and diamond hash marks around that. It's not a plain black background.
Maybe this was the launch icon...
Actual icon is similar but has a dark reddish color background instead of pure black
You're right! Turned up the brightness and it showed up lol
talk about disappointment
Seriously? Crossed off my list now
Lol last minute icon save
needs updating on the "changes" page
messed up title text!
I wonder if the icon will change after the 8GB day one update
really nice one of lego best
Kids game but still was pretty funny
Lol icon of actual gameplay?
Shut down on Jan 2023 :(
Is this Xenoblade 1?
All they had to do was crop the box art and use that
ouch what the heck
Thankfully the actual icon is good quality. Still has additional 3GB download just for the main game, another 12GB if you use the download code for extra content.
wow really nice!
slot machine? lol
Icon of the year material here wow. Let's vote this to top 15 before the year is over!
not bad, square seems to love white backgrouds
Horror pinball!
Holy cow!