Fall Guys season 1
Congratulations on your first year, Pokémon Unite!
This is bedrock edition
Dragon Ball Fortnite woo hooo!
Satellite scramble
Season 3 sunken secrets
Are we ready, kids?
ps4 also has the same icon
New logo on icon? Where?
I wonder if this will be the same icon for the PlayStation versions
PlayStation and Xbox have a different icon
They need to change this icon to the one that’s on the PS4 and PS5 versions
I’m gonna miss story mode :(
As well as story mode season 2…
You can’t buy this version anymore
This looks like a game for babies. No pressure
The cheapest switch eShop game… ever
Played this one on game pass and got every achievement for 1000GS
Couldn’t agree more, this should also come to game pass
Kirby meets fall guys.
GameCube and Wii should be next to get added to NSO
I thought this was the fall guys ss4 logo for a sec
Please update this icon to include golf
Thank you for updating the icon. Now I’m gonna go play!
Used to be $250
I feel the need, the need for speed
They’re coming…
No thanks, I’d rather stick to Tony hawk pro skater
So cute and adorable!!!
Best Sonic game
What a mess…
Need to have next gen versions
7th place I got oh no.
Soccer Story better
Who’s next? Me!
Finally. I’m officially getting ready to race with Lego 2K Drive
Ashes to Ashes, the girl in the icon falls down
Bleh! Disgusting!
Breaking News: A new icon enters the stage!
Don’t fall down the stairs
*shakes head no*
So. Many. Colors!
Need for Speed and Forza Horizon/Motorsport better
Half statue, half person
666670 it almost looks like the Ubisoft logo.
Season 4: Creative Construction
Halo is better
One of the best icons yet!
The color wheel is better
Stardew Valley is better
Welcome home pikmin 1
Welcome home pikmin 2
Why was it changed?
Minecraft is better
Awwww. How cute. Also new here.
We need a Mario galaxy 2 remake on switch
OMG! I’ve lost my marbles!