are winged pikmin dead that rock pikmin is so lonely.....
its so cute!! it very well captures the vibe of the japanese advertisements for the pikmin games! i dunno what people are so angry about tbh
I think this was a good change- if you get all 4 Pikmin games you can organize them in a folder into a really pleasing to the eye display now that all the logos match.
recent promotional art had tinkaton in it and id Love to play a pokemon spin off with tinkaton in it.. but.. this icon.. i dunno of its worth it. i mean the games free but at the cost of having good ol "2nd anniversary" on my switch home menu. idk..
i dont care about non nintendo games but isnt this some big third party thing? the thumbnail makes it look like a really generic bootleg shooter game
i think this is one of my favorite switch icons tbh. you got link in the middle with the iconic skyward sword pose, you got loftwings flying around his sword representing a major part of the game, the logo is perfectly sized and fits amazingly, and then you have fi and ghirahim, two characters who counterpart each other greatly across this game as well as act as extremely important characters, taking up a major portion of the icon, but with a fading effect that still makes link the focus. 10/10
that sure is minesweeper
i miss this icon :(
who keeps spawning icons like these where are they coming from
oh wait isnt this that xbox fighting game rush cyber something people were talking about
garfield out here unironically having a better icon than every square enix game ever
redemption after sonic mania this is SO GOOD I LOVE IT
all these years later and ATLA is still incapable of ever missing whether its the show or switch icons we love to see it
just throw the whole game away at this point why even bother
paw patrol has a better icon than every game square enix has ever made. the absolute sweep. unhinged.
audino in an icon yay :)
its alright, but i liked how get it together showcased a lot more of the characters
if its not style savvy and published by nintendo whats the point :/
i was initially worried about the white background but i really like this! i think the characters and logos take up just enough space that the icon feels filled out, but i also cant imagine this with any other background? (like if you stuck bowsers castle with exor in the back itd be totally covered up and clash)
looks like a ps5 game
fire emblem three houses is better btw
wow that sure is water for the nintendo switch
its... so beautiful..... its perfect.....
i think this is great! my only issue is that i think the art is a bit too far away, so when you preview what it looks like on the switch, sonic and the wisps and logo all look really small. if they were bigger and closer to the front itd look Really great
we got pit in two game icons now (including smash) and neither of them are a kid icarus game 😔 (STILL VERY GOOD ICON THOUGH)