Thank you!
I like this a lot.
Really good! Now start with the Tony Hawk port please!
Sign stealing
Well, at least all three Monster Jam icons fit together.
Thank you Robin ;)
Even though I usually like logos on black. But this logo here is not that great on it's own.
Sorry but this just does not look good
That‘s nuts!
I know I am the only one, but I check daily here for the sequels icon. I hope it has artwork this time.
Updated version (sept/oct 2020)
Awesome retro
Uhhh not bad
Super cute
He got told by every graphic designer to just shut the f up and enjoy the logo.
Or this one: (robin we need a WTF of the year award for this one)
Too bright
I really hope Limited Run is going to make a physical version of this one
The white line on the bottom 👌