Icon looks good, though.
Not a fan of the white background, but very nice nonetheless. :)
UGH, wtf.
Ya, and what's kinda funny is that it fits with the other Square Enix RPGs.
Imagine reading that title if you never heard of Harry Potter.
Would buy if the icon was better...
Water is wet.
Oh! My! God! This is pure perfection!
Funny how the worst game of the bunch has the best icon.
When you're interested in a game but its icon sucks.
Says Blue Reflection. And it's green. Duh.
So happy they didn't compromise this like they did with Origami King. I'm loving it!
..aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm out.
Idk, the font's pretty mid.
They will put literally anything on the icon but the game's title.
I dunno why but I love this.
Best icon of the bunch.
Why does this have its own icon? I thought it was DLC?
Much much better than the first one!
Even this version?
This looks so nice.
This has no business being in the Top 15, ffs.
Very nice!
@101455 Yes, this is the first one.
I disagree, loving it just the way it is!