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I don‘t even know what I am looking at.
Pretty sure they hate Hades for coming out a bit earlier
That is kinda cool
Good! Though the shop icon is even better.
It is just baffling sometimes
I hope so much the Apex Legend one is the same as on Deku Deals
Meaning the new release s few days ago that has no DLC included
The vanilla release has the same icon minus the complete edition I guess?
Update: they never did
Neoverse and Turrican is still missing here
Wow this is unexpected. Not sure what to think ...
I personally dig copyrights. But the other 3 Shantae games (with 4 icons including the SE) had none.
Oh. For some reason that looks like shovelware. Even though it is a AAA (or at least AA) game.
You can‘t deny that there went a lot of work into them. But they are still rather ugly.
So Devolver learned nothing from Carrion