That is a long title
The game looks really good. I expected a slightly better icon for it.
Okay that is dope
Especially compared to the previous release
Ha. Thats kinda cool. Not even mad that it has no title on it in this case.
Ok that rocks
Nice. End 90s vibe.
Starlink 2
Funny how actual phone games get proper icons
Ahhh nice because actual vintage crappy
Now I am hungry
I really think these are fantastic considering the content. I wish Arcade Archive would go that route as well.
Such an awesome game.
Not a fan of the glow. The game is so puristic, I would have preferred a less crowded icon.
They announced on Twitter that it‘s gonna be changed.
He is not really under it though. Liars!
So good. Wish they would used it for US/EU also and put FF just as a smaller subtitle.
Ohhh way better than the store icon
Noooo wtf
Good vibes
Cheesy but acceptable
On second thought: the gold font on the greyblue is not that slick. But knowing that kind of f2p style, they probably change it a few times anyway
I wonder of anybody actually buys stuff like that
2021 starting strong
No graphic software grid in the background? Lame!!
Updated icon
Launch icon
If you update the game it turns from #2547 to this one if your system us set the anything other then japanese.
Apart from the shadow it is pretty great.
Really wish they would translate these games
The japanese one looks so much cooler with the stylish logo. Here they really made lame wordart.
Good vibes
Oh boy
Well the end of the year brought the winner for worst icon 21 at the last minute
I hope they update it. It really looks like a cool game otherwise.
Hah yeah
Wah nice