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Refreshing to see the logo in a different color
Pretty amazing tbh. Way more style then previous ones.
Well that is good. As an icon, t-shirt whatever.
The few pixels on the bottom. Classic
Wow. Roller Coaster Tycoon is missing btw.
Where did you even get this? :D
Wow this hurts. Really.
I mean that surely is a mistake. Intern pit the icon webbrowser file in the upload.
Well, in the digital age you don‘t need to keep it CMYK anymore. Lol.
Love it. Most people will say its boring though.
Can you check if its the same for EU?
Interesting to see if the same happens with PGA2K21 on friday.
Hmm. Based on the awesome trailer I would say they can do better!
Hate the game. But that icon is noice.
Mariane from Robin Hood
Someone call PETA
Good ol Switch AAA