Oh thank god! I was not gonna buy it if it would be a logo on a white background again, but this is highly satisfying to see!
10 out of 10!
Aaaaawesome! 3
How hard can it be to put the bloody title on. Passing on this game only because of that.
Ngl, this is far from pretty.
I'm okay with it, but I would've prefered the actual cover art.
Hahaha, I may not care about this game, but its icon looks fantastic! :D
@385143 Perhaps an oculist can help you?
Not good. :/
Where's the guy who says he can't read the font?
Omg, cuuute!
Oh no... :(
This is SO cute!
What fresh hell is this, Square... T__T
F*ck, and I really wanted to play this game.
Chandler Bing just called and asked if the logo could BE any bigger
And I wish those NSO apps weren't tied to the home menu with all the other games. It triggers my OCD. Would be so much better to access them via the NSO icon in the bottom menu.
This is just perfect!
I agree with you, @403908, I think this icon looks great
Ooooh, nice!
Why, the ones for 3 and 4 are so good. :'(
3 + 4 top, 1 + 2 flop.
I liked it before, but this is even better.
Yepp, not getting this, thanks. :')
Shut up, guys, this is 10/10!
I can definitely live with this. (◕‿◕✿)
@151630 No, Mario 35 was a sole exception.