Starting the year off good 😌
So gay
Oh look, it’s that game Valve rejected from Steam 😛
This is literally the worst thing ever
Aria of Sorrow would of looked better
A legendary game, deduced to such a trash icon and with no title
Wow, I had no idea this was one Switch lol nice
Wow, su h
The perfect icon does exist 🤩
Haha, kids are dumbasses, they can’t read anyway
It’s ok, but I much prefer the demo’s icon
Come on Nintendo, you’re better than this
It’s fine, but the box art would be a whole lot better
How in the hell do these people keep their jobs?
I sure hope this isn’t final. They have a beautiful box art going to waste
By any chance we can get Square to change this?
Contact Inti Creates if you want this changed
Since when did a woman ever have Control of anything?
Really?! I thought I was playing an Atari Lynx this whole time!!
Way to cheapen the icon by constantly reminding us it comes with DLC…
The developer logo is bad taste
Derp eyes
Xbox icon has fhe title. Is it some written rule to make Switch icons as shitty as possible?
About what I expected. How much better could it look?
Did the US physical ever get this update yet?
I swear to god, Square.. I knew you’d pull this shit again just like Octopath
Right here, Marvelous 🖕🏻Right here
Want them to change it? Contact them here.
Not bad, but not great either. It sure far exceeds Octopath’s icon tho
Why they gotta cover up her thighs? :P
Tell the dickbags over at Nightdive to add the title.
Tell THQ you want it changed.
Bullshit you didn’t convince me, let me see your real warface
Not bad. Hopefully Fatal Frame’s icon looks just as good
Tell Capcom to change it.
Seems kind of blurry
Fuck off, Square
Imagine having Daisy Ridley on your home menu lmao
This definitely works
Mommy milkers
This is worse than a piece of shit
“a” truly botched job
Sure is great to have Persona 5 on Switch
Watch your damn mouth, icon.
Armor is different in some ways, but the post practically identical
What the actual fuck is this? I swear this better not be final
That text is so tiny
This sucks dick, just like the first GV Chronicles icon
So it was final. My God, who thought this would be okay?
On point
I knew it. I knew it all along.
What this site needs is a forum. Then we can rally together and start getting some shit done
That’s good 😌
Very nice
Boring stuff
Square continues to go above and beyond. Lazy fucks 👏🏻
Hubba hubba
Yes please
Looks like shit
Wow, they actually try with mainline GV. But the GV Chronicles icons are still hot garbo
Jesus Christ