I meant have
Should’ve a Gold Background on the icon but it’s still good
I wish that the icon would’ve have the front cover of Strikers
Where’s the icon for My Hero One’s Justice 2
Now We need to see Persona 5 Strikers Icon for next month
That looks like the same as MK11 Aftermath but should've have a better icon for MK11 Ultimate
Where's the icon for Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate since it came out today
PS4 also used that icon since Day 1
PS4 also has this icon as well
Yeah Xbox One version of MK11 has a better look
The PS4 and Xbox zone versions have different icons
I meant Xbox One
It's good
PS4 has a better icon through PS5
The other icon is way better because the other one has the front cover to match other platforms
The US Version has the same icon but doesn’t use Football
That’s a cool looking icon just like other Platforms
Looks Incredible
It looks exactly like the PS4 version
Best Icon of 2018
Best Icon Ever
@162235 Splatoon 3 is no longer region locked
Beta Version
Looks exactly like PlayStation versions
This icon is the GOAT
There is also the icon for Digital Artbook and Soundtrack for Digital Deluxe Edition
Hulu has a black icon now
@740330 The Genesis version is the same but the consoles and logos are different