still one of the best switch icons to this day imo
where is he going
i was fine with the first one because it had glaceon but now theyve robbed the weird icon change of the one thing i liked about it :(
me on my way to get the fortnite burger
i love it, really like how its similar to the original persona 5 icon. the phantom thieves logo adds the fill a character usually would, while still keeping an air of mystery yet having color and personality to it! i personally prefer this over the icon with joker in it
VERY good icon! showcases so many characters yet spaces it out so well it doesnt feel overwhelming or busy!
wanted to make a "hehe haha sus" joke but wow they actually did so good at making a proper good icon. they couldve just slapped on the mobile game icon and called it a day. but no they got nice looking art that captures the games vibe well And the logo. wonderful icon
i havent watched this show in ages but like? amazing icon?? makes me wanna watch the show again they clearly put effort into making this look great. perfectly balanced and shows the characters well while also having a logo. great icon!
the person above me smells bad
the person above me smells bad
among us
absolutely amazing!!
oh absolutely Perfect! so happy we're going to get to have king dedede, meta knight, and bandana waddle dee in a switch icon! (magolor was in the kirby fighters 2 icon but i am thrilled he's here as well)
I really wish we had the ability to make shortcuts for Switch Online games we like. I'd love to give Earthbound, Paper Mario, Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade, and other games their own slots on my Switch library!