Updated icon and name.
It's like Persona without the heart.
@364572 - Yep, if you want the separate icons you need to buy each game separately.
Welcome to the SuPeR SeCrEt PaGe!! Oooooh!
Absolutely love the unfiltered pixel texturing of this game.
Original full size version on Nintendo's site here.
Note: I have as yet been unable to scrape this icon properly which is why the quality is poor.
One of the original icons that started this whole thing was finally updated SIX years later. Crazy.
Temporary low quality image until the raw once can be sourced.
Golf update
Oh dear
No, this is Goblin Sword.
But My Time at Portia had such a good icon :(
@101455 You need to calibrate your monitor because that's exactly what this icon has.
This has clearly been squashed down from a non-square ratio.
No Europe/Japan/America difference this time.
This is the app Japanese folks need to use to play GoldenEye 007 and Jet Force Gemini.
Someone mistook the comment box for the search box.