I love Skyrim, but this icon is awful. Bethesda needs to stop being lazy.
They could use the 3D renders from the end of the official trailer. Legends Arceus is still the best.
Everything in this game is just too beautiful. They spared no effort even in the quality of the cover.
That's an icon of respect, not the other final fantasy crap!
Very bad, VERY bad!
Trash, like the person above.
Icon is better than The Third. Only this is better too.
1. It has two icons when you use the physical copy. 2. Thank God it's Bedrock. "Nintendo Switch Edition was rubbish" 3. The physical versions are all outdated and require a 1gb download.
A beautiful game, with a horrible icon! It's worse than Skyrim's icon.
Even for free, because of that I don't download.
The best game in the franchise even in 2023 and one of the best covers/icons Gamefreak has ever done.
The cover of the game is very beautiful, why make a horrible icon like that?
I really don't understand why the EU version is different.
Disgusting. Not even for free I want this icon on my Switch.
Too ugly a logo that size. I never imagined they would spoil like this.
Very beautiful and very colorful, without exaggeration.
Lazy work. Like an amazing game, is there something so ugly?
Idiot is this poorly made icon.
Warner's games on Switch are horrible. Cartridge with only half the game, constant connection and now this Ridiculous Icon!
That's a cool icon. It has to be an Indie company to deliver something that not even AAA can do.
OMG! They realized their mistake. Now this game is perfect.
They will probably never update the cartridge. It will be gone soon.