Oh. This one has no line on the bottom. Does this mean the first one was a mistake with the line?
Perfect. Love it.
@758744 - Thank you for uploading this! A bit sad. All the work remaking it and then running out of steam on the icons.
Wow, they updated it to remove the white line at the bottom, fair play!
Is this physical only? I notice the page on the eShop you can't purchase it
That’s awful.
what a fuck is this?
very very nice icon
not even the title... why?
Very Nice icon!
WOW!!! this is very good!!!
you lot need to go outside and get some fresh air, bunch of fuckin’ babies, stop playing video games and get a real hobby lol
Seems like this website got mentioned on some news site again
Relax, guy
So beautiful that she should be Miss Universe. X(
Its so beauty
A baffling choice when they had much better art to choose from.
resident evil
I uninstalled the game from my Switch after finishing it as the icon is just that ugly. The puzzling thing is that the game has a much better designed icon on other platforms. Why is the Switch icon so uniquely terrible?
I hate this, too. Would like playing it, but not with that icon on my home screen...
This is so awful...
This is truly inacceptable. :(
I agree with the previous commentor, although sadly, this is probably still the best icon from all the Resident Evil ones...
no this ain’t it
Better than Sonic Mania lol
This icon is way better than other platforms
That icon is definitely the best
Very Nice icon!
seems good
When you're interested in a game but then see its home screen icon...
Ugh... :(
Could be better, could be worse.
Very nice
Awesome! Yoshida artwork masterpiece!
I like it
Thicc thighs save lives
How did they manage to make this quality game look like some trash eShop release
Blurry, washed out and everything way to close st the borders.
Probably not